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Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2019


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Physicochemical characterization of hemagglutinin from the coelomic fluid of the Sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla (Linnaeus, 1758)
*Rajaselvam J, Sr. M. R. Basil Rose and Jeni Chandar Padua
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.57]


Acacetin Inhibits Cell Proliferation, Survival, and Migration in Human Breast Cancer Cells
Kushal Kandhari, J. P. N. Mishra and Rana P. Singh
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.58]


Evaluation of CNS Depressant and Muscle Relaxant Activity of Lantana Camara L. Stem and Flowers
Javed Khan Pathan*, Girendra Gautam and Arun Kumar Gupta
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.60]


Pathway Study of Gene Variants of Pancreatic Cancer Detected by Whole Exome Sequencing Data Analysis
M. L. Patil*, S. B. Madagi and J.Hoskeri
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.61]


Synthesis and Evaluation of Some New (E)-5-((E)-4-((E)-Benzylidene amino) Benzylidene) Thiazolidine-2,4-Dione Analogs as Aldose Reductase Inhibitors
Neelam Khan, Girendra Gautam and Arun K. Gupta
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.62]


Antibiotic Resistance- Reasons and Control Measures
Supriya .C, Sowjanya. K, Nikhil. N, E. Dinesh and Nikitha. V
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.64]


Synthesis, Characterization and in Silico Pharmacological Predictions Studies of Some Oxadiazole, Triazole, Pyrrole Based Fused Indole Derivatives as Potential Antimicrobial Agents
Ramesh S. Gani*, Avinash Kundadka Kudva, Vinothkannan Ravichandiran, Dhananjaya B. L, Ravindra B. Chougale and Karabasana Gouda T
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.66]


Investigation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extract Diplocyclos Palmatus (L.) Jeffry. in Experimental Animals
Paras Gupta*, Ravindra Singh and R.D. Wagh
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.69]


Antioxidant Effect of Vitamin-E Treatment on Hexavalent Chromium Induced Hepato and Renal Toxicity in Laboratory Chicks
Vandita Kandpal and Dharmendra Kumar*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.71]


Preparation and Physicochemical Evaluation of Dairy Free Alternative Based on Coconut and Millet Milk
Sunny, Jyotika Dhankhar*, Preeti Kundu and Rita Mehla
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.72]


Datura Stramonium (Dhatura) -Pharmacological Actions, Therapeutic Uses and Phytochemistry - A Review
Shamim* and Mohammad Idris
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.80]


In Vitro Antidiabetic and Hypolipidemic Activity of Selected Medicinal Plants
Anjana Rani, Sunil Kumar* and Roop K Khar
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.85]


Optimization of Cyclodextrin Glucano-Transferase by Bacillus Cereus Isolated from Semi Arid Soil, Kuchchh, Gujarat
Dhaval Prajapati, Rajesh Chaudhari, Vikram Solanki and Shreyas Bhatt
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.86]


Knocking Down Meloidogyne Incognita Genes by Plant Delivered siRNA Has Negative Pleiotropic Effects on Nematode Vigor
D Baliyan* and R Kumar
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.89]


Antiproliferative Effect of Rhus Succedanea, Rheum Emodi and Gardenia Gummifera in Prostate PC-3 Cells
Sirangala Thimappa Girisha
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.90]


Lanthanum Induced Seed Germination Rate, Seedling Growth and Dry Matter Production of Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]
Radhe Shyam* and N.C. Aery
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.91]


Biosynthesis of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles by Fungus Trichoderma viridae
Ravikiran Tekupalli*
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.92]


Anticancer, Antimicrobial and Phytochemical Properties of Catharanthus roseus (L.)
Sharad Goswami* and Pooja Kuril
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.93]


The Potential Role of Nutraceutical in Health and Disease
Anuj Malik*, Sarabjeet Rana, Md Shamshir Alam, Manish Kumar, Raj Singh, Pradeep Kumar, Vipin Saini
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.97]


Changes in Enzymatic and Non-Enzymatic Defence Systems Induced by ACCd Producing PGPR Aid Sunflower Plants to Tolerate Drought Stress
Brijesh Singh, S., Gowtham, H.G., Mohammed Aiyaz, *Niranjana, S.R.
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[IC value : 4.72]   [Doi No:10.21276/ijpbs.2019.9.1.99]